Veronica Rocha

Veronica Rocha

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#FocusOnPresenters2017: Veronica Rocha

Originally from the Cape Verde Islands, the youngest of seven children, a polyglot, arrived in Brussels in 1997 to attend higher education. Having obtained a Masters in Communication, specialising in journalism, Veronica quickly shifted towards the media sphere.

The experiences gained during her numerous internships in broadcasting (RTL TVi, Canal +, RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, LibertyTV) further confirmed her love of the sector. She did various journalistic activities such as the creation of a music magazine, and translating many cultural events into animation. She also presented the ‘African News’ (TV Matongé) for a Belgian broadcasting channel, BX1 for 2 years.

Having hosted her first event at the age of 16, presenting is more than a passion, it’s part of who she
is! Her love of singing and dancing propelled her into the stage at an early age.

Inspired by the power of mindfulness, she decided to put her experience, her love for people, her
interest in their journey and her passion for communication into a project of general interest. She
created in 2015 “the Web TV that inspires you and makes you good”, namely, the project: “et à part
ça, ça va?”

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