Niccolo Montanari

Niccolo Montanari

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Co-Founder Berlin Fashion Film Festival

Born in Italy and raised in the UK, fashion film consultant Niccolò Montanari built his experience in fashion film as one of the founding members of Berlin fashion Film Festival. From selecting relevant speakers and jury members, curating fashion film screenings and supporting the production of the annual event, Niccolò’s main focus lay in developing the communication and branding strategy of the festival.

He has joined, hosted and organised several panels and presentations internationally on the topic of fashion film, including London’s Telling Tales: Fashion Cinematic – Narrative in Fashion Film, Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival 2016 What Does Fashion Film Have To Offer? and Fashion Film Festival Istanbul 2016 – Berlin and Istanbul as Creative Cities: Differences and Similarities. His role as jury member has also seen him collaborate with several fashion film focused festivals, including Mexico International Fashion Film Festival, Medellin Fashion Film Festival and Canadian Fashion Film Festival.

Niccolò is currently looking to support and raise awareness over the strong network of professional creatives working in fashion film by organising international meet-ups between brands, filmmakers and producers, curating fashion film screenings for trends-driven events and facilitating collaborations between fashion film festivals internationally.