Michel Jaumin

Michel Jaumin

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Michel Jaumin Is the Director and Producer.  Michel Jaumin is a Belgian citizen, living in Florida in the United States.  Michel has been involved with Film making early on, and has  enjoyed the technologies involved in making film with 16mm  Cameras.  Because of technology, it was matter of time before he immersed himself in digital formats and HD. He worked with Silicon Graphics on Projects involving developments of Helicopter Flight simulators in HD at Sikorsky Aircraft. He was then involved in cloud delivery of large files for streaming working with amazon systems and Streaming media.

This led to filming with RED Digital camera company equipment.. Michel’s Goals has been to make each frame pristine in the digital age, without resorting to after effects, this approach combined with a talented scriptwriter from Argentina, film crews and studios from florida, incredible actors, stunning models and fashion designers, has led to filming fashion.

Michel also believes that the viewer should be a participant to the scenario, and provide some of the story, for an overall entertainment experience.