Maaike Van Den Abbeele

Maaike Van Den Abbeele

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Ever since high school Maaike Van den Abbeele (°1990), the Dutch-Belgian designer had a passion for fashion. Her creations varied with prints, embroideries, silk and other classical materials with a big heart for traditional arts and crafts and an interest for new things. She
mainly tries to combine several materials and styles.

Van den Abbeele often processes elements of the classic men’s suit or uniform in her designs. In addition to art and architecture, Japan is one of her biggest sources of inspiration.

Van den Abbeele lost her heart to this Asian country after traveling twice. During the 26th edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam in January 2017 she showed her most recent collection “MA_JAPAN”. With this collection, she tells the story of Japanese working men, women and students spending their free time at arcade and gambling games, cafes, clubs, drinks, as well as the sex industry. The result? A stylish mix of uniformity and colorful Japanese streetwear.

In 2016 Van den Abbeele graduated cum laude at the KASK, highly renowned Fashion Institute in Ghent. During her fashion education she completed a four-month internship at the Belgian fashion company Black Balloon. Black Balloon is known in Belgium for their stylish
and fresh accessories and clothing. With her first collection “MA-ENLIGHTMENT” she won the award for promising fashion talent from ESKIMO, a Belgian family company specializing in designing and producing nightwear and underwear for all ages. For this booming brand
she developed a capsule collection launched in the summer of 2017.

For her newestcollection “MA_JAPAN” she received a second award for amazingness from BELMODO, a distinguished Belgian fashion magazine. After this, BELMODO worked with Van den Abbeele and published a series of her personal writings concerning her fashion adventures in Japan.

Since her first participation at Amsterdam Fashionweek in January 2017, Van den Abbeele started working on her newest collection “MA_ROOTS”. She presented this latest collection at the summer edition of Amsterdam Fashionweek (July 2017). This collection tells the story of Van den Abbeele’s roots (half Belgian, half Dutch).

More recently, Van den Abbeele has been working hard on the startup of her own company as a freelance designer. Van den Abbeele most recently featured as a new upcoming fashion talent in the September issue of MARIE CLAIRE, a highly appreciated fashion magazine. As
a young upcoming talent, she is making her way in the fashion industry, gaining more
experience and continuously accepting new challenges.

She is building her own brand and often cooperates with other creative talents, such as photographers, video artists, dancers,
…. She believes in a whole new future for the fashion industry, where the focus lies on sustainable lasting custom works and unique pieces rather than on fast fashion.