Corentin Kopp

Corentin Kopp


Director & Director of photography, Corentin Kopp is a Belgian Director and Director of Photography.

After Graduating From Cinema school in Brussels in 2005, he started working as Electrician and then Gaffer before gradually moving to projects as Director and Director of Photography.

Since 2011 he has Directed or Co-directed Multiples short format videos like Music Videos, Commercials, Branded Content, Fashion Film, Short Film, etc…)

Enjoying working with others directors as much as developing his own project he is often hired as Director of Photography on different projects ranging from Fashion Films to Long form Documentary.

Recently his Music Video for the Belgo-Swedish band “Victoria+Jean” has been selected to the Clipped Music Video Festival (AU) and to the Aesthitica Short Film Festival (UK) while his Fashion Film “Fermi Paradox” has been selected to the Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival (ZA), The Berlin Fashion Film Festival, the Fashion Film Fest Istanbul (TR) and 9 other Fashion Oriented Film Festival.

Today, Corentin is living and working in Brussels (BE) but has strong links, both personals and professionals with Berlin (DE) & Malmö (SE).

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