Christina Amundsen

Christina Amundsen

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#FocusOnFilmMakers 2017:

Copenhagen based film director originally from Norway, Christina Amundsen, has worked for and is the co-owner of, the film company KnockKnock since 2012. She has mainly worked with music videos and visual identities for artists and designers. Her work is focused on the upcoming scene in Denmark but she has also worked with different  international artists .

Christina is working both with fiction and documentaries. She was part of the NEW NARRATIVE DIRECTORS at the established Danish film festival CPH:PIX in both 2013 and 2014. Her Kentaur music video ‘Arms of the Infinite’ was nominated at Nordic Music Video Award, NFFTY USA and Sulmona International Film Festival in 2016Christina Amundsen

Copenhagen based film director originally from Norway, Christina Amundsen

Christina has worked with MTV in India and created music documentaries and fashion film for the designer Eitree in India and is currently collaborating with the international fashion platform Welum, where she made Afterlife with Ann Wiberg.

In 2017 Christina was nominated at DR Talent Award for her documentary Playmate.

Before teaming up in KnockKnock Christina worked as a producer assistant at Fridthjof Film, where she worked with directors like Martin De Thurah, Janus Metz, Christopher Boe, and Pernille Rose Grønkjær.