Bob Geraets & Eline De Munck

Bob Geraets & Eline De Munck

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In may 2015, Eline De Munck and Bob Geraets launched the Belgian designer eyewear brand Odette Lunettes.

Both founders have an extensive professional background in media, Eline as a well known TV-host and Bob as a TV-show director.

That’s where Odette Lunettes differs form other brands, through their storytelling, marketing and social media presence.

To announce the release of the 2nd Odette Lunettes collection, they came up with the idea of producing a short film, combining their expertise in both eyewear and media.

The ‘All Eyes On You’ film has been released at the Odette Lunettes temporary store this year, where they’ve worked with the well renowned graffiti artist Steve Locatelli and where they’ve also launched their first eye jewellery collection