Bello by Monica Menez

What people do when no one is watching– this could easily have been the title of Monica Menez ́new fashion film. [...]

Veronica Rocha

#FocusOnPresenters2017: Veronica Rocha Originally from the Cape Verde Islands, the youngest of seven children, a polyglot, arrived in Brussels in [...]

Thomas Dekens Portier

Thomas Portier  took  the name of his mother ( DEKENS ) for his collections. He developped an interest in [...]

Ruben Cesar

#FocusOnDesigners2017: Art has always been my passion.  When I was 6 years old I started an artistic course at [...]

Lindsey Appolis

"The Act of photography does not captivate me. Bracing for that moment when a dancer is in full flight or [...]

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