THE GOOD ITALIAN III – “The Magic of Naples” by Adriano De Santis

Giancarlo Gianniniin his now usual role as the Prince of Soragna, a small town in thelower Po Valley, the starting and ending point of all the adventures in the series, is absorbed by the daily shaving ritual with his family barber, in this case played by the real Prince of Soragna, Diofebo Meli Lupi.

A dear friend, the Italian tenor Vittorio Grigólo, arrives breathlessly and asks the Prince,who is half Neapolitan, for advice on the best rendering of the famous song “O Paese d’o Sole”with in the background the version by Roberto Murolo, the unmistakable voice and sophisticated performer of the tradition.

The difficulty is obviously not technical for the great tenor but lies in looking for that expressiveness and passion in interpretation that has made this musical form, deriving from great Italian melodrama, one of the best loved in the world.


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